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Rome restaurant pays price after tourist rip-off – Yahoo! News

Posted in Restaurant by ebs4pos on July 4, 2009

ROME (AFP) – A restaurant in Rome which presented a Japanese tourist with a bill for nearly 700 euros (980 dollars) after a meal with his fiancee has been closed down by the authorities, Il Messaggero daily reported on Thursday.

The young couple, who have not been named, were outraged by the 695 euro bill on June 19 which included two plates of pasta, a bottle of water, a bottle of wine and a fruit salad. The service charge alone was 115 euros.

Their protests however were brushed off by the manager of the restaurant, located close to the tourist hub of Piazza Navona.

Il Messaggero said that the closure notice followed a raid by health inspectors and pricing investigators, ordered by the Italian capital’s mayor, which found a series of breaches of hygiene and administrative regulations.

via Rome restaurant pays price after tourist rip-off – Yahoo! News.


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  1. Italian person said,

    Why being me an Italian I don’t get surprised about this?
    Well maybe because:
    Life in italy is even much worse than this. By the way Also italians get ripped off, even from public services, throughout approx. everything as you step out of your house. Since about 20 years or so, human rights have gone way well below zero.

    read beppegrillo.it and you’ll find out much worse stuff.
    I don’t get paid for this. Hope I am not spamming.

    What Michael Moore talks about USA and Bush it’s just a grain of salt in the atlantic ocean compared to what happens in italy. truly.

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