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How to S.A.V.E. Customer Service

Posted in Bars and Taverns,General Business,Restaurant,Retail by ebs4pos on August 13, 2009

Let me summarize what I believe are the three essential ingredients necessary for any company to deliver great customer service:

Desire: First, a company has to see the value in providing customer service. Not all do. Some companies clearly have determined that their “value quotient” is price and that the cost of providing better customer service does not provide an economic return.

Hiring: Some people are not well suited for dealing with customers. They don’t test for personality in school. Companies with great customer service have great hiring processes.

Training: Being friendly is about 20 percent of customer service. Unfortunately, many companies think that customer service is about smiling and asking everyone how they are. Worse is the “How can I provide excellent customer service?” line that some companies are using in their call centers. I think that sums it up. They really don’t know!

via How to S.A.V.E. Customer Service – You’re the Boss Blog – NYTimes.com.


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