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Internet Protocol: Overzealous Friending and IMing With the Boss

Posted in General Business,Social Media Marketing by ebs4pos on September 26, 2009

Last week we introduced our new etiquette column, Internet Protocol, as a way to help readers gracefully maneuver through the tricky social situations of a hyperconnected world. This week, we dive into gratuitous Facebook friend requests and dealing with remote work situations.

As always, if you find yourself torn over whether to accept a friend request from your ex’s mom or accidentally send out your phone number to 5,000 loyal Twitter followers, I’ll try to help sort it all out. E-mail me or tweet them to me.

Thank you to all of our readers who submitted questions via e-mail and Twitter — we are sorting through them now and will begin incorporating them in future installments. Each week, I will draw on a variety of sources to help address these quandaries — talking with expert advisers, polling friends and digging into the vast archive of my own personal experiences in recovering from embarrassing moments at the hands of social media.

via Internet Protocol: Overzealous Friending and IMing With the Boss – Gadgetwise Blog – NYTimes.com.


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