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Why reinvent the wheel? One stop for all your docs!

Posted in General Business by ebs4pos on October 4, 2009

While pursuing his JD/MBA at Pepperdine Jason Nazar was the guy in the study group who always had the documents. You need an option-to-purchase” agreement? Done! You need an LLC operating agreement? Got It! Whatever document you needed it was most likely that Jason had it in a folder on his hard drive. Soon after Pepperdine, Jason joined a venture consulting group and then after consulting many startups he raised money from some saavy investors and launched, DocStoc.com. DocStoc has quickly become the web’s largest destination for sharing and finding documents online. As a frequent user, I love this site. In fact when setting up my own LLC I followed the post on Jason’s blog entitled “10 Incredibly Awesome Docs to help you Start a Company”.

So with some success under his belt, and new innovations in the world of DocStoc, I thought it was a good time to check in with Jason and see how DocStoc can be helpful to all of us.

via Why reinvent the wheel? One stop for all your docs! – SmartPlanet.


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