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Groupon – Collective Buying Power

Posted in General Business,Online Business,Restaurant,Retail by ebs4pos on October 16, 2009

Each day, Groupon emails its members one unbeatable offer on something great to do in your city (get your business featured). We offer consumers great values by guaranteeing businesses a minimum number of customers. If a certain number of people sign up, then everyone gets the Groupon offer. If that minimum isn’t reached, then no one gets it.

In addition to huge exposure, Groupon generates a large number of sales in a short period of time. Given the appeal of our offers, users frequently pass the information along to others, which translates to the potential for even more customers for your business.

Why Businesses Love Groupon

Motivated Consumers. Groupon delivers exactly what your business needs – a large group of consumers who are looking to spend.

Get Noticed. Your offer will be exclusively delivered to our thousands of opt-in email subscribers, who look forward to receiving Groupon’s daily email. Our first-class business partners, unbeatable values, and entertaining write-ups keep consumers engaged in a way that traditional marketing can’t match.

Online “Word of Mouth”. Your offer will spread virally across the Web as our customers share it with friends using tools like Facebook and Twitter, further increasing your brand’s exposure.

Only invest in committed customers. With Groupon, you’re only investing in the most valuable asset to your company—committed buyers. The sole purpose of marketing is getting people through your doors. For each customer Groupon delivers, we simply share the revenue—a win for you, us, and the customer.

Risk-Free Promotion. Unlike most other promotional vehicles, you pay nothing up front to appear on Groupon. We are only successful if you are successful. Groupon collects all the money from participants up-front and within a few days we’ll send you a check based on campaign participation. And the sale only happens if enough people join to make it worthwhile.

Tailor The Offer To Meet Your Needs. Groupon works with you to structure an offer that will maximize the value to your business in a variety of categories such as restaurants, health, beauty, events, recreation, services, products, and more

via Groupon Works.


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