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Going Green with your Business

Posted in General Business,Sustainable/Green by ebs4pos on October 17, 2009

It’s been far too long since we’ve shared with you here on YGG, and as we were pondering a way to break the awkward silence we stumbled upon Blog Action Day… Just like everyone needs to do a little spring cleaning, and we needed to clean up the site, we ALL need to take action in cleaning up the environment. With growing concerns with pollution, consumption and destruction of natural resources, we are at a cross road of destruction or salvation. With that said, here are some ways you can make a difference with your business, which may be a small inconvenience but will have a BIG impact on the environment.

Going Paperless

With technology being as fast, easy, and affordable as it is, there’s almost no excuse for using paper for the everyday tasks anymore. From reading books to filing taxes, you can do it all online, and many times it’s much faster and easier. Here are some common tasks that you may be able to switch to doing digital:

* Buying and Reading Books (buy online and read ebooks)

* Contracts and Legal Docs (send and sign digitally)

* Taxes and Government (file everything online)

Save Gas

We’re all looking for ways to save money anyways, so why not kill two birds with one stone? If you don’t have to drive, then don’t. Again, user modern technology to communicate and save our precious fossil fuels and ozone. Here’s ways you can save money and the environment:

* Meet from miles away (use Skype video, or conference calling)

* Turn the heat down (at the office or home, turn the heat down at night)

* Carpool into work or for meetings


It’s really easy to be lazy and throw everything in the garbage and forget about it, but then again, that’s how we got into this mess to begin with. Why not take the extra minute or two and help the environment? Here’s what you can do in the office:

* Recycle Paper (keep a box next to the trash and save it all)

* E-Waste (if you’re not using it, lose it.. to a proper place of course)

* Re-use (find new uses for old junk)

via Going Green with your Business | Young Go Getter.


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