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Tech disaster planning for businesses

Posted in Bars and Taverns,General Business,POS,Restaurant,Retail,Security by ebs4pos on October 18, 2009

Janet DePace, my colleague at the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), wrote a Business Sense column several months ago raising awareness of the importance of disaster planning for businesses. As she mentioned in her column, the North Coast is vulnerable to natural disasters (flood, quake, landslide, tsunami). Businesses should begin their disaster planning or review their existing plan.

The North Coast has had numerous fiber outages over the past two years, so broadband outages need to be considered in disaster planning, as well. This column will discuss disaster planning in more detail surrounding business technology. All businesses rely on technology to support various business processes.

Assessment of technology risks starts with two lists: inventories of applications and hardware. Both lists have more use than for disaster planning. A list of applications can help manage number of legal licenses and planning/budgeting upgrades to licenses. The application list is a helpful checklist when planning upgrades to hardware or operating systems to ensure application compatibility with new systems. Licenses and distribution media should be stored in a secure place for proof of ownership and ease of access when needed to reinstall. In a disaster, applications may have to be replaced along with hardware.

via Tech disaster planning for businesses – Times-Standard Online.


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