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Diners dish about their restaurant peeves

Posted in POS,Restaurant by ebs4pos on October 19, 2009

As a seasoned diner, you’ve been through it all.

You’ve listened, dumbfounded, as the opinionated fantasist held forth. She’s the server who tells you her favorite dish – never mind that she hasn’t had the opportunity to taste a single thing on the menu. You’ve fallen victim to the Champagne pusher, the maitre d’ who offers you a glass of bubbly, with the implication that it’s on the house. (It’s not. It turns up on your bill at $18 per lovely flute.)

You’ve suffered the BFFW, the waiter who introduces himself, squats down next to you to tell you the specials and later in the meal jumps into the conversation because, hey, we’re all friends.

Just as great service can turn a mediocre meal into a jolly good time, poor service can ruin an otherwise excellent dinner. Last month I put the question to readers of Eats, The Dallas Morning News’ food blog: Which service mistakes bother you most?

And readers responded, passionately, in more than 90 comments describing an array of miscues that drive them crazy. The list paints an interesting picture of some of the biggest service issues facing Dallas restaurants.

Here’s the good news: All the mistakes are easy to fix. In the interest of polishing up our dining act as Dallas steps into the national spotlight, let’s take a walk through the problems (listed in order of how frequently readers mentioned them) and their fixes.

via Diners dish about their restaurant peeves | Dallas-Fort Worth Entertainment News and Events | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News.


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