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A New Old Freebie – Matches Surge as Restaurant Giveaways

Posted in Bars and Taverns,Restaurant by ebs4pos on October 21, 2009

“I LOVE matches.” That’s how Dona Savitsky, a former smoker, accounted for the dainty tray of insignia matchboxes at the entrance to Flora, the restaurant she and a partner opened in Oakland, Calif., two years ago.

The objects of her specific adoration are blue-and-silver boxes, shaped like a lipstick (also known in the trade as an ascot), each of which contains 22 blue-tipped wooden strikes. Bearing Flora’s Art Deco logo, the matchboxes are the finishing touch on an ambience calculated to dislocate the present tense.

But while the mood at Flora is undoubtedly retro, there are — needless to say — no ashtrays in sight and no swathed-in-smoke Don Draper lounging at the bar with a Corpse Reviver No. 2, one of the restaurant’s cocktails. The menu proclaims a sustainable-agriculture, locavore ethos, and Oakland also ranks first among California cities in antismoking enforcement, according to the American Lung Association.

One’s first thought is, What are matchboxes doing here? This is followed swiftly by the urge to pocket one, or, to be perfectly honest, several.

via A New Old Freebie – Matches Surge as Restaurant Giveaways – NYTimes.com.


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