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An Ode to Diapers: Finding What You’re Truly Passionate About

Posted in General Business by ebs4pos on October 24, 2009

I opened the diaper, but I already knew it wasn’t going to be pretty. I had just rolled the inside of Sam’s shirt up so that I as I peeled it off him his head would remain cleaner than his bottom. Suffice it to say that the clean-up took a little while, and involved a little wriggling, struggle, smearing, and washing up.

I was reminded of this when a reader emailed me this question about finally getting his business going:

“I don’t know if it’s fear or some other issue holding me back from really getting going or if it’s simply that I haven’t found something or the idea that really gets my blood pumping. I still carry around a notebook, jotting down ideas and thoughts, etc. when the logical part of my brain says I really should get my a** into gear and get going. 🙂

“Any thoughts or advice or perhaps resource pointers to really figure out my purpose, passion, the idea to surround my business with would be much appreciated.”

I have so much respect for this guy. From the rest of his letter (no, I’m not showing you the other bits) it’s really clear he has a tremendous amount of skill, integrity, sincerity and desire. And yet he’s waiting to get going. His best guess so far, as you can tell, is that he just hasn’t found a business idea that he’s passionate enough about.

He hasn’t found what he really wants to do.

There’s a reason he hasn’t found it. And he won’t.

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