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5 Ways to Reduce Theft in your Bar

Posted in Bars and Taverns,POS,Restaurant by ebs4pos on October 26, 2009

I once read the results of a survey that said 20% of bar owners said they had been the victim of theft in some form or another. It went on to say that the other 80% were either lying or not aware of just how widespread theft and fraud in this industry is.In an average week, I work with 5 or 6 Hospitality Business owners in identifying stock and cash losses and implementing simple effective procedures to Identify when theft is occurring, Eliminate the losses once identified, and Implement a procedure to prevent it from happening again. It never fails to amaze me as to the level of complacency that exists and the potential that exists for significant losses.Follow these steps and you’ll reduce the risks in your business:

via 5 Ways to Reduce Theft in your Bar.


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