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It’s Not Just For Card Data Any More

Posted in PCI by ebs4pos on November 13, 2009

With all of the recent fuss about PCI requirements and how to protect payment cards, many companies have opted to take a far too narrow view of data protection. The PCI rules are absolutely designed to only apply to payment cards, but the same common-sense security guidelines will also dramatically help the security of CRM databases, personnel files, E-mail servers, payroll details, and even the full contents of your Web site.

Overworked IT executives suffering from staff cuts find checklist security quite comforting. The checklist mentality says that nothing should be done that isn’t mandated. And there are no external rules protecting data, beyond payment card, health-related information and some investment data. Is this wise?

via McAfee Security Insights Blog » Blog Archive » It’s Not Just For Card Data Any More.


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