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The Agony Of Talking With IT

Posted in General Business,POS,Restaurant,Retail by ebs4pos on November 13, 2009

Do you know someone who irritates you so much that just the mere act of them taking a breath to speak puts you over the edge? No matter what they say, it just rubs you the wrong way. I think most people know someone like that. Unfortunately, for many businesspeople, that person is their IT partner.Whenever the IT person tries to explain a technical problem or defend a business case, the person on the receiving end hears nails on a chalkboard. Couple that with a blank stare when pressing business issues are being discussed, and you’ve got a recipe for a rumble.Over the years, I have heard from many business partners–especially franchisees–that they get very frustrated when talking to IT people. There is a significant barrier when it comes to the language. The business partners are frustrated that the IT people don’t understand their language terms like COGS, theoretical food cost, sales/labor hour, etc., and they have no idea what the IT person is talking about terms like Web services, ASP, dynamic IP addresses, etc.. This barrier creates friction that can result in a not-so-subtle “stink-eye” from across the room.The problem is only getting worse. First, technology vendors are creating new features and functionality much faster than they are retiring them. As a result, the catalog of things that most IT people need to know is constantly growing. Second, as technology advances and becomes more complex, so do the explanations behind it. As a result, IT people often focus on understanding the new technology and fail to learn how to properly translate that knowledge to the layperson.

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