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Are Your Employees Writing Down Credit Card Numbers?

Posted in Online Business,PCI,POS,Restaurant by ebs4pos on December 3, 2009

[2009-11-30] An independent audit of 100 of the top restaurant chains in the U.S. revealed that 80 percent of those chains have at least one unit putting customers' identities at risk of theft.GoMobo.com, an online and mobile transactions firm, recently released its PCI Risk Rating Study, which found that a number of restaurants are in violation of PCI regulations. The violations involve employees who write down credit card numbers given to them from customers ordering over the phone.Noah Glass, CEO of GoMobo.com, says the firm set about to perform the study after learning how strict the rules are for call centers often used by retailers for credit card transactions.”I heard [about] these guidelines, which are very strict and include not allowing people to bring in writing implements with them into the facility and incinerating all documents and shredding all documents,” he says. “I started to think about our restaurants, who oftentimes take in credit card information over the phone for takeout orders. ”

via Are Your Employees Writing Down Credit Card Numbers? – Restaurant News – QSR Magazine.


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