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Free Money Finance: Four Options if You Can’t Pay Your Taxes

Posted in General Business by ebs4pos on December 5, 2009

With the troubled economy it is becoming very common for individuals and business to not be able to pay their taxes. It is an understandable situation when a taxpayer must use funds to pay for necessities after losing some sort of income or incurring large unexpected expense prior to making their tax payments. If this has happened to you it is important to understand your options. If you realize your problem right away and take actions to resolve it you will likely receive a favorable outcome.

When you cannot pay your taxes owed it really isn’t that big of a deal to the IRS. The IRS knows situations do arise when a taxpayer can’t pay their taxes and they have created various methods for a taxpayer to pay back the taxes owed or even settle the taxes for less if they meet specific requirements. Below are the 4 most common methods that can be used by taxpayers to resolve taxes when they cannot pay in full.

via Free Money Finance: Four Options if You Can’t Pay Your Taxes.


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