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How the Bazaar by Jose Andres Is Changing Restaurants

Posted in Restaurant by ebs4pos on December 11, 2009

The Bazaar by José Andrés, a Beverly Hills, Calif., bar and restaurant, cost more than $12 million to build. It serves no appetizers or entrees: All meals are made up of tapas, and signature items include drinks and canapés dipped in vats of liquid nitrogen. First-time visitors might wander the ground floor of the SLS Hotel looking for the restaurant—and not realize that they are already standing in it. A palm-reader roams the floor, offering predictions.This restaurant—packed at a time when many others are discounting or closing their doors—may be the future of fine dining.A tapas-style menu, a hotel location and a major focus on the bar scene are hallmarks of restaurants around the country that are best surviving the economic turmoil of the past year. These components are also likely to be the defining traits of the next generation of high-end restaurants, say many leading restaurateurs, and are already being deployed in cities across the country. Since opening a little over a year ago, the Bazaar has grossed $13 million, says Sam Nazarian, the chief executive of SBE Entertainment Group, the hospitality company that owns the restaurant and the SLS Hotel. Only 50 restaurants in the country grossed more last year, according to data from Restaurant & Institutions, a trade publication. That makes the restaurant a bright spot for Mr. Nazarian, whose company has recently made significant investments in hotels, several of which carry large debt loads, only to face a steep downturn in the luxury hotel business.

via How the Bazaar by Jose Andres Is Changing Restaurants – WSJ.com.


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