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Shoppers turn out in droves but stick to lists

Posted in Retail by ebs4pos on December 13, 2009

Shoppers were making lists and checking them twice this weekend — and then sticking to them, holding out for good deals that analysts say could be coming this week.While heavy traffic and little sign of clearance discounts during the weekend are clear improvements for retailers from last year’s dismal season, many are still taking a wait-and-see approach.”I’m playing chicken with retailers, still, until next weekend,” said Matt Schuld, a shopper at a Target in Portland, Ore. He said a good deal is “imperative, as always.”Schuld might win the staredown. Retailers will begin amping up deals this week, NPD analyst Marshal Cohen said.”This weekend is the last weekend for retailers to try to get whatever they could. Now it’s the consumer’s turn,” he said. “Every retailer will pick a different day this week to deepen the discounts. Fifty percent off will be the starting point, and it will go up to 60 percent and 75 percent

via Shoppers turn out in droves but stick to lists – Yahoo! News.


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