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TJX Hacker ‘Will Never Commit Any Crime Again’

Posted in PCI,POS,Security by ebs4pos on December 20, 2009

Confessed hacker Albert Gonzalez’s turn as a Secret Service informant led him down a dark path of obsession, culminating in the largest identity-theft spree in history.

Frances Gonzalez Lago, Gonzalez’s sister, wrote his sentencing judge that her brother’s work as an informant for the agency between 2003 and and 2008 seemed to act as a reward for his obsession with computers. “All this seemed okay at the time, but psychologically it was feeding an obsession that in the end would become my brother’s downfall,” she told the court.

The information appears in a 24-page sentencing memo originally filed Tuesday by Gonzalez’s attorney, Martin Weinberg, before it was sealed, along with several exhibits. The memo was unsealed on Friday, with several pages redacted. Threat Level disclosed on Tuesday the information that was revealed in the redacted pages.

via TJX Hacker ‘Will Never Commit Any Crime Again’ | Threat Level | Wired.com.


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