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The End of Cash? New iPhone Apps Take Credit Cards

Posted in Online Business,POS by ebs4pos on January 7, 2010

The race is on, or so it seems, to come up with the best mobile phone device for swiping and processing credit cards. Mophie, a manufacturer of accessories for the iPhone and iTouch, has announced that it will introduce a new add-on credit card reader, which enables small businesses to swipe and process credit cards on the spot.

The Mophie reader works through a small device attached to the audio jack of the iPhone or iTouch. The transaction is processed through a special third party application. Mophie is presenting the new device at this month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The Mophie announcement comes at the heels of the beta release of Square, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s much publicized bid on a portable credit card reader, also to be attached to first the iPhone and iTouch, and eventually to all types of smart phones. In addition, later this month, industry giant Verifone Holdings will start shipping a new device called PayWare Mobile, which will enable small businesses to turn mobile phones into credit card readers.

The new credit card readers have been made possible by the increasing popularity of smart phones, which allow consumers to hook up to the Internet and which, despite their minute size, are able run sophisticated software programs for pretty much anything, including processing credit cards.

via The End of Cash? New iPhone Apps Take Credit Cards | The World By Numbers.


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