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Why Wineries, Restaurants & Hospitality Businesses need to be on Foursquare

Posted in Bars and Taverns,Online Business,Restaurant,Social Media Marketing by ebs4pos on February 27, 2010

In social media, it seems that things are happening faster and faster, and we are bombarded with changes and new technology constantly. Even Google has jumped into the game with the recent launch of Google Buzz. As a business owner or manager especially in our industry, where people tend to work long and hard, how do you find the time to use all the social media that everyone is telling you to be using? Well, that may be a different conversation, and a long and hard one at that.Today, I want to tell you about foursquare, and why your business wants to be there, now. In fact, you probably already are, whether you know it or not; another reason you want to claim your business’s online identity. You’ll be happy to know that there’s no huge time commitment, and its fast and easy to learn. Nope, you won’t even have to hire a social media consultant to do it for you.Foursquare is applicable to many businesses, however it was really created for restaurants, bars and similar businesses, its a no-brainer for any winery with a tasting room or even specialty retailers. The claim right on the foursquare home page is “If you own a bar or restaurant, foursquare can help you find new ways to connect with your customers.” What is it? foursquare is a location based social mobile network, that also adds some gaming elements.How foursquare works and why you should care:

via Why Wineries, Restaurants & Hospitality Businesses need to be on Foursquare.


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