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Online Marketing for Restaurants

Posted in Restaurant by ebs4pos on May 29, 2009
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I came across a great blog post today located at Blog on Restaurants and the post there  from yesterday includes a link to a free white paper on using online and social media tools to market your restaurant.  The author makes a great point that as the younger generations who have grown up online begin to age they will first turn to the Internet when researching any purchase.  What this means to you as a restaurant owner is that you will have to be online to survive.  Head on over there and grab the free white paper as it is well worth the read.


Fight Back When Cash Flows The Wrong Way

Posted in Restaurant,Retail,Security by ebs4pos on May 28, 2009

Fight Back When Cash Flows The Wrong Way

This article contains some great information regarding cash handling and cash shrinkage.  These are issues that every retailer and restaurant owner MUST deal with to be profitable!

From the article:

“Rhoads: One of the biggest problems is that most retailers manage cash today the same way they did 40 years ago, despite the opportunities to create a more seamless solution as it relates to cash. We know that cash skimmage is a crime of opportunity, so the less seamless your solution is, the more opportunities there are for theft, and the more you’re going to see it.”